SHort story

One of a kind custom pillows - handmade in Northern California - inspired by nature, art and music.



MYER SF is the creation of Northern California native and soft goods stylist, Nicole Myer. Born and raised in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, much of her inspiration and influence comes from the surrounding culture, beauty and nature of the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the five influential years she spent living in the Caribbean.

Like many inventions, MYER SF was born out of necessity. As a soft goods stylist, Nicole often found herself in need of unique, decorative items. Always interested in textiles --and inspired by art-- she started experimenting with various paints, dyes, inks and other mediums, drawing from her experiences as an art major in college. The results were intriguing and the process proved to be addictive. A sewer since high school, Nicole made a few pillows for a shoot and soon discovered how much she enjoyed the creative process itself in addition to the final out-come. Using mostly linens and cottons, each panel of fabric is manipulated individually, so each pillow becomes it’s own piece of art. And while in most cases pillows are made out of her own designs, occasionally they are made from other favorite, found textiles such as Mali mud cloth, special blankets, wool or cashmere scarves - whatever happens to appeal really.

During this same time period, fellow photo stylist and art director, Rod Hipskind, along with commercial photographer, Kelly Ishikawa, opened The Perish Trust in San Francisco. They asked Nicole if she would be interested in making some custom pillows for their newly opened “Modern Day General Store” and MYER SF was born. 

Upon moving back from the Caribbean, Nicole attended UC Berkeley and earned a BFA in Art Practice with a minor in Business Administration. She currently lives with her family in Marin County, CA.